Garden of Life


Garden of Life is a company I believe in deeply. Their products are second to none and the care and concern they have for developing the best supplements for their customers is astonishing. I think this is because of who they believe their customers to be; family, friends, athletes, children, parents, grandparents…They are making these products to improve EVERY PERSON’S QUALITY OF LIFE.


I began my journey with Garden of Life several years ago when I stumbled upon their RAW Meal product and have never looked back. Ever since then, each product I have tried has consistently blown me away. Both with quality and flavor.

Winning a recipe contest they were hosting this past fall with my Vegan Blueberry Banana Muffins was one of the best, most exciting things that has ever happened to me! It allowed me to join the GOL team as  blogger and then, just this month (January 2016), I officially joined the team as a brand ambassador & team athlete (bodybuilding – bikini division). They support some of the most phenomenal athletes and I am so honored to now be among them.

I thank the GOL team every chance I get for the amazing opportunity and I hope to help the company continue to grow and reach even more people with their amazing products.

Please take a few minutes and look into this company via website, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and/or Twitter


Lastly, check out their blog 🙂


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