About Laura


Hi everyone, my name is Laura and I am a vegan food lover, runner, cyclist, Garden of Life ambassador, and more!

I want to share my health and fitness tips, tricks, and recipes with all of you you and show you that a healthy, plant-based lifestyle really is easy to sustain and LOVE.

So more about me…I grew up cooking and baking with my mom and our household was 97% vegetarian with the occasional fish or chicken dish. I learned a lot of my tricks and recipes from my mom and love her deeply for instilling in me the importance of health and centering the diet around whole foods.

2*photo circa 2010

I still have a deep love of cooking and baking and have found endless creativity in the kitchen. And while I get to create amazing foods I also feel amazing eating whole, nutritious foods with the occasional splurge here and there 🙂

I have also found it far easier to lower my body fat while maintaining my muscle mass while eating this way. How? Due to the fact I am all-around HEALTHY and I am not starving my body of any nutrients!!wp-1450814151833.jpeg

I love sharing my love of health, nutrition, and cooking and hope to also inspire people through my kitchen & my life ❤

Contact me today if you’d like help on starting (or continuing!) your own health & fitness journey!

Eat Well. Live Well.

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