Coconut Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bombs


The name of these little delicious morsels may be a mouthful to say, but I promise – these are some of the easiest and most flavorful fat bombs you can make!


They really do taste like lemon cheesecake and, surprisingly, are not overwhelmingly coconut-y. They are just so good! And they take about 5 minutes to make, if that!

I just know that I almost always have these on hand because sometimes something with a little fresh “zing” is just plain ol’ refreshing ā¤ Thank you, lemon, for that!

So, back to the recipe šŸ˜€

INGREDIENTS (makes 12)

  • 4oz full-fat cream cheese, room temperature (could sub 1/3 fat type)
  • 56g Coconut Butter (I use Nutiva)
  • 28g Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (I use Garden of Life)
  • 1 tsp sweetener of choice (I use Stevia or Erythritol)
  • zest from 2 lemons


  • Heat coconut butter and coconut oil until just melted.
  • Add in cream cheese, sweetener, and zest and mix until ingredients are fully incorporated (I recommend a hand or stand mixer). Basically, you don’t want to be able to see any chunks of cream cheese.
  • Evenly distribute the “batter” into mini muffin tins (**or large ones. You can even put dollops onto a cookie sheet or plate).
  • Place in freezer for at least 30 minutes to allow to harden completely.
  • Take pan out of freezer and turn upside down to remove the bombs. If they are sticking inside, just put your hand on the bottom of the pan where the bomb is sticking…the heat from your hand will start to melt the bomb and it will come loose šŸ™‚
  • Store in tupperware or ziploc bag in the refrigerator or freezer.

Eat. Enjoy. Love.

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