Keto Cheatos


I am so happy (and a little impressed) with these “cheatos”:-) They are suuuper low carb and totally satisfy my desire for a crunchy snack! They are great for dipping, too! Try softened vegetable flavor cream cheese, hummus(watch the carbs!), sour cream, cheese sauce, etc. AND they go amazingly along side chicken or tuna salad. Lastly, you can use them as a fun  salad topper…almost like a crouton!

The macros for the WHOLE recipe are 31F/2netC/36P ❤

On to the recipe!

INGREDIENTS (makes 75-85 cheetos)

  • 4 egg whites, beaten until very stiff
  • 1/8 teaspoons cream of tarter (add this to the egg whites before beating)
  • 75g frozen cheddar cheese (I recommend sharp cheddar)
  • 2 tablespoon almond flour
  • 1/8-1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • OPTIONAL: a pinch or 2 of cayenne pepper
  • OPTIONAL: parmesan or cheese-flavored popcorn seasoning

**NOTE*** The cheese you use (pre-shredded, different types of cheddar, etc.) could change the carb count. It would be a small change, but just an FYI 🙂


Recipe Instructions

Due to the enormous popularity of this recipe, and my desire to be a stay-at-home mom, I have made the decision to ask for a small fee in order to view the directions. I want to let you know that my decision to do this is because I am a new mom and would love to have the ability to stay home with my son and every little bit helps! As always, thank you, for the love and support ❤ I know you will love this recipe! Eat. Enjoy. Love.



Eat. Enjoy. Love.

38 thoughts on “Keto Cheatos

      1. You may have it posted, but I don’t know what the abbreviations mean. Would you please note them for those of us that are challenged in that area?


    1. You can just look at the nutrition label for the cheese you use. It usually says the serving size in cups and also lists the gram amount so you can find out how much to use that way!


  1. I made these tonight. They were fun to make and fun to eat! Light and airy, very flavorful, I didn’t add the Parmesan cheese, but will try that next time. Hubby loved the crunch. Will find out tomorrow how they fare in the fridge overnight.

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  2. So the egg whites were stiff but when i poured in the cheese and almond, whoosh completely flat!! Is it maybe because of the weight of the frozen parmesan I used? The ice from the frozen cheese will add liquid to the egg white so i dont understand how you can make them fluffy


    1. Hmmm….not sure why you had so much trouble. Your cheese should not accumulate a bunch of ice, however, during the freezing process…that may have been the issue. The egg whites will go down some when you add the cheese, but not completely.


  3. These are my absolute favourite Keto treats! I use Tex mex cheese and add the pinch of cayenne. Perfect when craving a nice crunchy treat! Thanks so much.

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    1. They keep very well in the fridge. Have kept them for a few days with no issue. I bake mine until quite crisp as the first time I made them I found them to be a little chewy.


  4. Are these a “make and eat the same day” kind of snack, or do they store well. If storage, I noticed someone said in comments that they were going to see how they fared overnight in the fridge – but never replied how it worked. Can they be stored in pantry, and should I put a silica pouch (the kind that comes in vitamins, absorb moisture) in there with them?


    1. I just saw this recipe so have not made them yet. But since it’s an egg and cheese product I would think they need to be in the fridge. Of course, that’s just my opinion.


  5. I’m so glad and I mean so glad I came across these . I was afraid it would taste like egg, but omg in heaven these are so good and no egg taste at all. Thank you again


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